The consequences for Jorge Javier Vázquez for not supporting Antonio David after Rocío Carrasco’s documentary

The broadcast of the documentary about Rocío Carrasco has not only had consequences for her family and her environment. The presenter Jorge Javier Vazquez He was in charge of conducting the first program that aired the first two episodes of the Rocío docuserie, telling the truth to stay alive. However, for the second installment he was replaced by Carlota Corredera, a change that according to Mediaset was justified in the presenter’s vacation before starting the new edition of Survivors. Now, already detached from the documentary, Jorge Javier Vázquez has told the attacks he suffered after the broadcast of that first program for having defended Rocío Carrasco against Antonio David Flores.

The presenter of Sálvame o Sábado Deluxe has been sincere about it in his Lecturas blog: “I have been away for two weeks and during this time I have seen how excited were the spirits for the Rocío Carrasco affair, “he acknowledged.

Jorge Javier Vázquez has defined the debate generated around everything that Rocío Jurado’s daughter counts as a “puddle” in which she does not want “fights”. “Many people are living it as if it were a GH VIP, taking sides for one or the other in a sometimes savage way “, has qualified.

At this point, the presenter has denounced what his closeness to Rocío Carrasco has generated: “I have received thousands of messages wishing me various cancers, painful deaths and various evils. Wow, what a beautiful way to support Antonio David “, he assured.

In his opinion, “not all of life is a reality show, although it sometimes seems like it. For me, Rocío Carrasco’s testimony is unquestionable“, has stated Jorge Javier Vázquez.

“In the same way that I would not dare to advise a cardiologist about open heart surgery, I do not understand what knowledge we have to amend the plan to all experts on gender violence that they have ruled that Rocío is a victim, “he defended.

The presenter concluded with a message addressed to viewers: “Let’s see if we begin to realize that going on TV does not give us a license to comment on everything. Questioning that Rocío Carrasco is not a victim does not make us wiser or more daring. It makes us, plain and simple, less human “, has settled.