The Conference: Athletics results stand out

Rosalía A. Villanueva

La Jornada newspaper
Tuesday, February 23, 2021, p. a12

The recent performances in international tournaments of Alegna González, Julio César Salazar, in progress, the sprinter Paola Morán, and the check-up carried out over the weekend in Torreón to the marathoners Juan Joel Pacheco, José Luis Santana and Jesús Esparza, with brands to the Tokyo Olympics are results that come by themselves in a preparation process despite the environment that prevails in the world due to the coronavirus pandemic, said Antonio Lozano Pineda, president of the Mexican Federation of Athletics Associations.

Alegna’s triumph in the 20-kilometer test in Costa Rica, Salazar’s first place in Italy in that test a month ago, as well as Morán’s third place in the 400-meter indoor World Tour in Arkansas on Sunday, means that we are not so bad with everything that is happening due to Covid-19, Lozano said.

Although the marks that they have given at the beginning of their season are still far from their level, the manager considered that the FMAA does everything possible in the efforts so that athletes can compete abroad due to the restrictions that exist due to the health emergency.

Our athletes and coaches think that we should take the risks. I have no problem taking the steps and giving them the endorsement, but we cannot guarantee that they can travel either, because it is not an authorization from federations, but from the governments of each country because of what is happening with the pandemic, he explained.