The concert in Diego Ibarra square to demand the release of Alex Saab

Photo @LuisPecheVE

Nicolás Maduro’s regime organized a concert this Saturday in Diego Ibarra Square to demand the release of Colombian businessman Alex Saab, alleged front man of the Chavista leader.

As often happens in the activities of the ruling party, in the Diego Ibarra square there are no biosecurity measures: in photos released by Chavistas, people are seen without masks and there are hundreds of them agglomerated in front of the stage.

Among the artists of the concert is Omar Acedo, partner of Daniela Cabello, daughter of Diosdado Cabello, who appears in videos singing “Solo with you”.

In addition to requesting the release of Saab, the attendees demand that the United States cease the « blockade » against Venezuela, referring to the sanctions imposed by that country and the European Union on the Maduro regime for its alleged illegal activities, the violation of human rights in the country and disrespect for the Constitution.

The meeting has been highly criticized by opposition politicians, including the interim ambassador to Colombia, Tomás Guanipa.

« The Nicolás Maduro regime, regardless of the covid-19, using money from all Venezuelans, puts on a show in Caracas to demand the freedom of Alex Saab, one of its most emblematic exponents of Chavista corruption, corrupt defending corrupt » , he expressed.

Last week the newspaper El Tiempo revealed that the Saab family was transferred from Caracas to Moscow at the beginning of the year.

In a discreet operation, the model Camilla Fabri (current Saab partner) and other members of her family left Caracas.

They had been in Venezuela since before the pandemic and after a quick visit to Colombia that was officially registered.

The transfer from Caracas to Moscow had the approval of the regime, which has attracted the attention of authorities. The reason: they had reported that, after Saab’s capture, on June 12, 2020, the family remained in Caracas with a security scheme supposedly in place for their protection.