Sea of ​​stars It is the RPG set in the universe of The Messenger that is achieving several objectives thanks to its Kickstarter campaign, such as the inclusion of 3D cinematics, a New Game + mode or even an alternative ending. However, this time it is not time to talk about its gameplay, but about its soundtrack, since it has now been confirmed that Yosunori Mitsuda, who has worked on the creation of soundtracks for titles such as Chrono Trigger, Xenoblade Chronicles or Xenosaga, will also be part of this project.

Yosunori Mitsuda will also be working on creating the original Sea of ​​Stars soundtrack.

To the surprise of many players, Yasunori Mitsuda is part of the team responsible for Sea of ​​Stars, and these have been his words about it:

I don’t know exactly why, but I felt like I wanted to write the music for this game by seeing how it conveyed the golden age of 90s nostalgia. Although many games are still released in this classic style, I don’t think players are satisfied just nostalgically. As you could see from his previous game, Sabotage Studio’s work is like a breath of fresh air by adding systems and ideas to classic formulas.

I wanted to make a game with everyone at Sabotage Studio, thanks to being impressed by the respect they show for past titles, while still giving players new ways to have fun.

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For his part, Thierry Boulanger, Creative Director and CEO of Sabotage has indicated the following:

Mitsuda’s music has been a part of my life for years, and I still listen to his work every week when I work in the studio. It has been an inspiration to many of us, and it could not be a greater honor that some of his themes are part of our game. It is exactly what See of Stars needed so that it could feel completely complete.