Almost 15 years have passed since the last time Marcelo Gallardo and Gonzalo Higuaín shared a playing field. El Pipita was taking the first steps of his career, while El Muñeco was already the voice of experience in that team.

Gallardo currently became the most important coach in River’s history, while Higuain is playing for Juventus after having a successful career. At 32 years old and with little place in the Turin club, the rumors of a possible return are getting stronger and his statements about the coach delighted everyone.

“Marcelo’s team was very contagious, it was a team that showed hierarchy, forcefulness, everything … And the truth is that You see and the 9 have many situations because of how the team plays, and clearly that one sees that and sometimes imagines ‘how nice it would be’ …“He stated in dialogue with Tyc Sports.

Beyond the praise, for now he preferred to be cautious with his decisions. “River is a club that always gave me everything. The possibility of growing, of letting myself be shown, gave me the opportunity to buy Real Madrid. I don’t know what’s going to happen now, I’m with my head here“, Shooting.

Leaving the River theme, Pipita also spoke about the controversial move with Neuer in the 2014 World Cup final. “I think it is criminal. The goalkeeper knees me before and after he touches the ball, that disqualifies me from reaching the ball, “he concluded.