Kylie Jenner shows how much you like it Rosalia

Kylie’s friendship with Rosalía has been a sensation among fans, the Spanish singer has managed to enter the select group of friends of the young businesswoman, and she has even asked her to marry her!

After attending Stormi’s birthday party, Kylie and Rosalía have no longer been seen together, but it seems that they are still in contact, since Kylie surprised the fans with a flirtatious comment that she left in one of the hottest photos of Rosalía On Instagram.

In the photo, Rosalía appears half-naked on the bed, and Kylie joined the list of daring comments that the singer received: “Oh, that’s how you feel!”.

Fans immediately reacted to Kylie’s comment on Rosalia’s photo with these messages:

“I love them”, “Fan of this eclectic mix”, “Two divine”, “Do you miss her?”

It seems that the friendship between Kylie and Rosalía is better than ever, would you like them to do some kind of collaboration together?

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