Paris Saint Germain denounces that the company Idesing Gold has used its name to advertise itself with an alleged gift of a gold cover to the entire staff. The information, published by ‘Le Parisien’, caused a huge stir. Refers to a luxury gift. A gold mobile case, valued at more than 500,000 euros, to each of its footballers. It was unpleasant. A whim difficult to understand when the situation in France or in any country in the world is to make this type of ostentation. In a crisis of considerable magnitude, the coronavirus is, at least, shocking to see this type of luxury for footballers They are on vacation because their championship has not been completed.

“Paris Saint Germain is not associated with this company. This company usurps our name”, is the French club’s version to keep up with the critical comments that were emerging after hearing the news. “It is not in our values,” reaffirms the Parisian club. The mobile phone case, of which there are photographs circulating on social networks and in which it appears in the account of the official company along with the names of the footballers in the squad, is for each of the footballers to proclaim themselves champions.

The personalized Neymar gold mobile case. (idesing gold photo)

Ligue1 was suspended by the Government of France for health reasons. Failing to guarantee health security. Nor was it contemplated to develop a protocol as strict as that followed by our footballers in Spain. He took root and the country was left without soccer until September. President Emmanuel Macron he did not see it as necessary as business or entertainment. Made a call to the rest of the countries and neither Spain, Germany, England and Italy (the big four leagues) listened to him. The League president adopted a different stance, Javier Thebes, and finds allies like Sergio Ramos to weigh the risks and the importance of recovering the business and entertaining the fans.

The French championship was suspended due to the coronavirus crisis, each of the footballers on the Paris Saint Germain squad they would have a 24-karat gold case as a gift, personalized with your name and bib number. An exclusive design made by the Idesign Gold company.

It caused a stir and criticism

Who said crisis in soccer? It is the question that those people or sectors that suffer the serious economic consequences of the coronavirus were asking themselves. If PSG can afford such luxury gifts it turns out difficult to understand that the crisis affects this type of millionaire clubs. The club denies it before the commotion. It was going to be difficult for fans and people furthest from the sport to empathize with news like this. It can be seen as a waste.

Soccer, its privileges and its ethics. The players and their luxuries. This is the debate that outrages. In Spain there is another type of controversy. The one referring to the so personalized protocol that guarantees the football players pass massive tests and periodically. Even his relatives. Thebes wants to play whatever it takes to save the business and is already setting the date for June 12. It will try. Another thing is that it can finish and the quality of the product. Football without an audience and with the fear of the players and coaches due to the virus and injuries.

But in Spain there’s a little more good sense when you listen to Thebes (thank goodness) say that clubs have to tighten their belts due to the crisis. They should look more at the quarry and not to sign. What our footballers will like least is the recommendation of the employer’s president to reduce wages.