The complaint from an environmental association forces ‘Cuéntame’ to move its filming

The Ecologists in Action association has reported to the Castilla-La Mancha Sustainable Development Council the damage caused in the protected area of ​​the Las Barrancas natural monument, in the Toledo municipality of Burujón, due to the preparations for filming the series Tell me how it happened. The association witnessed on February 19 how earthworks were carried out with an excavator next to the Cambrón viewpoint, in the cliffs overlooking the Tagus River, and they called the body of environmental agents from Toledo, who took note of the facts. The production company of the series, Ganga Producciones, has explained that at no time has any filming been carried out there and that the series will be recorded in another location, and the Burujón City Council has sent a letter specifying that the Cuéntame team has not had nothing to do with it and that the only action taken to meet the producer’s request was to level an access to a spot from a road.

Ecologists in Action specifies that the City Council has no powers to intervene in this way without the authorization of the Ministry. “People belonging to the association were alarmed by the presence of numerous vehicles and a backhoe machine on the ecological path of the Natural Monument and observed how clearings and earthworks were carried out next to the Mirador del Cambrón, just above the cliffs. The works damaged the vegetation of the protected area, as well as a reforestation, partly carried out by volunteers, and put the reproduction of protected species at risk ”, says a spokesperson for the association. With the arrival of the authorities, the area was evicted.

In a first approximation, the producer asked the City Council to dismantle the cuttings, the placement of others and the leveling of ditches to access the edge of the cuttings. « The Cuéntame production team, as usual when it comes to natural landscapes, carried out a Proposal to the Burujón City Council, the competent authority for its management. At no time has the producer carried out any intervention on this space with excavators or any machinery ”, the producer explained in a statement. The mayor, Juan José Torres, explains the process carried out in a letter: “All claims were completely discarded by the City Council following the spirit that the furniture or accessories of the natural monument are not touched, nor is it convenient to destroy a path ».

The next step, according to the City Council, was the request by the producer for a « simple » leveling of the land with construction flats on the gutter and secured with earth to carry out the recording for a day. « It goes without saying that the return to the previous state of these 50 meters that were leveled is super simple because the previous situation is equivalent to an empty land full of clods product of a previous plowing, » explains the mayor, who adds that this was chosen specific place because there was already a land clearing carried out months before by the Junta de Castilla La Mancha. It is a land « in which there is no vegetation whatsoever due to the excessive and abusive capacity of visitors that is not controlled by the Board itself and due to that previous clearing, » Torres points out.

The environmental association has demanded that RTVE « definitively cancel the filming and stop using a place that should be dedicated to environmental protection and enjoyment as a set for the series or other television spaces. » The production company has explained that it will record elsewhere. For his part, the mayor of Burujón was also surprised by the presence of the agents last Friday, whom he blamed for being « absent during the weekends, when there are real environmental attacks, overcrowding and absolute erosion of the natural monument , even with accesses for motorcycles, quads and cars to the very edge of the cuttings ”.

The spectacular landscape of Las Barrancas, 30 kilometers from Toledo, has been used as a location in other filming. In 2015, an advertisement for a beverage brand multiplied tourism in the area causing a “massification”, according to Ecologists in Action at the time.