The competition for the most effective vaccine for Covid-19

The competition for the most effective vaccine for Covid-19The competition for the most effective vaccine for Covid-19

Several months have passed and with it the first vaccines against Covid-19 begin to be present to begin to provide a definitive solution to the pandemic. In this sense, a point that has attracted attention are the percentages of effectiveness that pharmaceutical companies have highlighted after conducting clinical trials with their respective vaccine. The first to come out with a piece of news of this type was Pfizer, which at the time revealed that the project in which it has been working had an effectiveness of 90 percent, and as a result, other options have already been given to the task of Advertise their percentages in an effort that sounds more like marketing than a newsletter for the work they have done.

Of course, for people the issue of the percentage of effectiveness is one that will attract attention and that could undoubtedly influence the decision they make when opting for one or another vaccine. With this in mind, this time we take a look at how these figures are announced by the companies that will be competing with their solutions to Covid-19.

As can be seen in the graph that we share above, in this case the figure for Pfizer and BioNTech has been modified after the announcement they made this day in which they highlighted that after the final phase 3 trials it was identified that the vaccine has 95 percent effectiveness.

At that same level is the option created by the Modern pharmaceutical company, in recent days it announced that its vaccine against Covid-19 has an effectiveness percentage of 95 points. However, it highlights that it still maintains an important advantage over the vaccine created by Pfizer, and this is that it can be stored at a lower temperature than that required by this other company.

Finally, another vaccine that has already announced its effectiveness is the one created by Russia, Sputnik V, in its case, they presume to have an effectiveness of 92 percent.

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