the company acknowledges the leakage of important data

In the last hours, private information had been published that we will not contribute to disseminating because it is the result of blackmail.

Capcom hack is worse than it looked: company acknowledges leak of important data

Bad news for Capcom. A few weeks ago we informed you that the company had been the victim of a computer attack on its servers, a fact that, at first, was not aimed at older people. But this morning, Capcom has issued a new statement confirming that the extent of the damage it was much bigger than anticipated. This comes as a result of the leakage of private company information in numerous internet forums throughout the weekend, information that we do not contribute to disseminating as it is the result of an extortion.

Some personal information maintained by the group has been compromised CapcomIn the new document, the Japanese company confirms that ransomware attack has managed to obtain private information from the company, as well as personal data of employees and, possibly, personal information of partners and users. Of course, they highlight that credit card data has not been accessed. “Capcom Co., Ltd. Announces It Has Been the Victim of a Custom Ransomware Attack[…] and has verified that some personal information maintained by the group has been compromised“.

“In addition, the company also affirms the possibility that they have committed personal data and corporate information additional in this attack “, comments Capcom, who ensure that the developments and operations of the company continue normally after the attack. “Capcom offers its sincerest apologies for any complications or fears this may pose to those potentially affected customers, as well as its shareholders “.

Monster Hunter World, one of Capcom's hits this generationMonster Hunter World, one of Capcom’s hits this generation

Capcom confirms access to private project and employee dataThis, as we mentioned before, comes in the wake of some leaks occurred over the weekend, with private details about the projects and internal developments of the company for the next fiscal periods. But, back to the statement, Capcom confirms access to the personal data of 5 former employees and 4 current employees of the company, as well as sales data and financial information.

They also point out that, potentially, the personal data of up to 350,000 accounts, between customers (users), employees and associated companies, as well as data on projects and developments, which seems to give some validity to the leaks produced in recent days. Here are the potentially vulnerable data, as published by Capcom:

Potentially vulnerable data

Personal data of users and partners: up to 350,000 items

Japan: Game support office details (approx. 134,000 items) – Names, addresses, phone numbers, mails.
North America: Capcom Store User Information (approx. 14,000 items) – Names, dates of birth, mails.
North America: eSports website member data (approx. 14,000 items) – Names, dates of birth, gender.
List of shareholders (approx. 40,000 items) – Names, addresses, shareholder numbers, number of shares in possession.
Former employees (approx. 28,000 people, including family members); Job applications (approx. 125,000 people) – Names, dates of birth, addresses, telephone numbers, emails, photos, etc.

Employee and related personal data

Human resources information (approx. 14,000 people)

Confidential corporate information

Sales data, business partner information, sales documents, development documents, etc.

The attack did not access credit card dataIn this, Capcom makes it clear that none of the compromised data includes information about Credit cards. “All online transactions are managed through an external provider,” they add. And, for all those concerned about the security of their information, who could potentially have been affected, the company has arranged several ways of contact For the users. In North America they recommend contacting through their support page, while users in Europe, the Middle East and Asia are recommended send an email at this address: “”.

As usual, and as we already mentioned a few weeks ago, We recommend activating two-step verification in all your digital accounts, and be very vigilant for possible phishing attacks, even if you don’t think you’ve been affected for the incident. We will closely follow the evolution of this situation in the coming dates, a hard blow for Capcom after announcing record financial results in its second quarter, and millionaire sales figures for its sagas.

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