The community wants all Madrilenians to take a free antigen test before Christmas

The vice president of the Community, Ignacio Aguado, has stated that his objective is that before Christmas all the people of Madrid can take a free antigen test to go see their relatives.

For this, Aguado has reiterated his request to call the Covid Group, which is made up of the central and regional government, with the aim of authorizing them to carry them out in the autonomy pharmacies. For the vice president, it would be “a revolution, a before and after.”

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, “has promised” to hold it but no date has yet been set for the appointment. «It is essential in the coming days to be able to do tests in pharmacies. The strategy of mass testing is working. In those places where massive tests are carried out, the curve is being controlled. Madrid is one of those regions ”, he pointed out in an interview in ‘La Sexta’, collected by Europa Press.

As stated, the regional executive has sufficient doses and recalled that five million tests have been bought “and if necessary, more would be bought.” Aguado wants to transfer “tranquility” to the public at the meetings that are held at Christmas.

The Madrid leader has assured that he has discussed this issue with the president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, and that it is a measure “that is on the table.”