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A judge exonerates Ayuso and causes panic in Moncloa: points out Sánchez and Iglesias for the deaths

The Community of Madrid foresees “selective confinements of the areas with the greatest influence” of Covid, as announced on September 16, 2020 by the Deputy Minister of Public Health and the Covid-19 Plan, Antonio Zapatero.

Zapatero has advanced that the weekend new measures will be announced, including “confinement by basic health zones or by health areas that have more incidence ”.

Thus, he has stated that they are considering “Restrictive measures” related to the concentration of people and that will affect the mobility of citizens in the Community of Madrid.

Is about “Toughen” the measures that entered into force on September 7, which will be evaluated this Friday, so “based on the data recorded” the “appropriate decisions” will be made.

«There will be decisions fundamentally oriented towards restriction of mobility such as concentration of people, and that we will announce, we are working on them, this weekend “, he has advanced, although he has not announced when they will come into force, although he has warned that with” immediate character “.

As explained, although “the care situation is stable and there is scope for action” and “Current data indicate a” tendency to stabilize the number of infected “, the Community “wants to get ahead”, and “take measures to try to reduce that curve” in the face of the arrival of autumn and winter and the respiratory diseases that occur in those seasons.

Thus, while it has recognized that The exact scope of the new measures has not been decided due to ‘legal implications’, has specified that the closure of the hotel industry is not planned, although it will possibly act on the gauges, as pointed out, and that “Closing Madrid” is not contemplated.

On the other hand, it has verified the “Structural difficulty of the Community of Madrid”, in comparison with the municipality of Tielmes, where a “successful intervention” has been carried out in this regard.

“The structural difficulty of some of the areas we are talking about or municipalities of the Community we are talking about, makes us think well,” he pointed out, leaving open questions such as the closure of schools or not.