It is with great emotion that Elie Semoun has just announced the death of his father this weekend. Affected by Alzheimer’s disease, the comedian’s father died at the age of 87 this Saturday, September 12.

This is a sad comeback for Elie Semoun. This Saturday, September 12, the comedian shared a bad news on Instagram. His father, Paul Semhoun, is no more. It is in the caption of a photograph in the company of the deceased that Elie Semoun soberly announced the death of his father :

My daddy died this morning.

He clarified that he and his sister were lucky to have been able to stay by his side until the end and did not fail to thank the Internet users for their warm messages:

With my sister, we said goodbye to her, that we love her. Thank you for your outbursts of tenderness, he deserved it.

A son close to his father

Elie Semoun had to resolve to have his father admitted to a nursing home. The octogenarian had been living with Alzeihmer’s disease for several years and the covid 19 pandemic has made the past few months very difficult for the father and son, who were very close. They had nevertheless been able to see each other last April, behind a plexiglass window. A touching moment shared on social networks and which greatly moved Internet users.

Powerless in the face of the evolution of the disease, the interpreter of Cyprien indeed published many videos of his dad, who, lucid in his spare time, proved to be a bon vivant. Precious memories that the artist can cherish and, let us hope, alleviate his pain.

Dieudonné’s former friend is now an orphan. He had lost his mother in 1974, when he was only 11 years old, and his younger brother in 2002, to HIV.

The emotion of Internet users

The sad publication received many messages of condolence and sympathy, proof that the man of 87 years old had known how to seduce the Web, in particular thanks to his outspokenness and his permanent good humor, despite his state of health. A user wrote, benevolently:

Thank you for sharing with us the tenderness and gentleness of your dad … A new star is watching over you.

Another commented:

Very touched by this news. I was following all of your videos with your dad who seemed to be a loving, gentle man who was always in a good mood.

The celebrities have also expressed their support for the 56-year-old man in this painful ordeal. Nikos Aliagas, Arthur or the singer Élodie Frégé each lovingly commented on the post.

What balm the heart of the comedian, who should certainly be discreet on social networks in the coming weeks.