« It doesn’t matter if the cat is black or white, as long as it can catch mice it is a good cat. » This is the phrase with which Deng Xiaoping emphasized, in 1978, his vision for the future of the People’s Republic of China. This is how, in the middle of the Cold War, the great transformation of the most ironclad of communism began.

With a clear direction and firm decision, it opened up to the world until it became an industrial power and the main link in the supply chain of the world economy. Above all, pragmatism prevailed, convinced that this openness would allow the development of a productive system that, taking advantage of its obvious comparative advantages, would bring more job opportunities and a better quality of life for its people.

More than 40 years after that « true » revolution in China and 20 thousand kilometers away is our beloved Chile. A country that has not yet been able to shed a mostly delusional political class and with archaic dogmas, creating factions to take advantage of the division of citizens between liberals and socialists, of the most varied meanings.

And here we are, after 30 years, having to endure the actions of a government system that continues to deteriorate over time. Tearing the country apart with a senseless antagonism, which abuses an outdated populism and a parade of « protagonists », displaying a rhetoric full of verbiage, thereby trying to hide their ignorance and incapacity, without even being able to identify and solve the real problems that affect the country.

We continue to be immersed in this misfortune that prevents us from acting with the necessary pragmatism. What is worse, unable to recognize the contribution of anyone who is on the opposite path, ignoring their works for the mere fact of thinking differently or for the insane selfishness of those who see in it a threat to their small share of power.

Thus, Chile will continue aimlessly and exposed in a journey without the necessary urgency, relentlessly receiving the evils of a crisis, where fortunately in the first 2 years we will have a vaccine and not before the next 3 years we will see the real recovery of the worldwide economy. Although some do not skimp on messages of optimism, they do so without realism and with the wrong diagnosis about how deep and extensive this crisis will be, without the ability to understand the evolution and magnitude of the damage.

In this show, representatives of each political sector take over the media to secure their quotas in the next election marathon, as soon as they appear or as « super heroes » flying from one ministry to another with seemingly unlimited capacities, overcoming the barriers of the possible.

Clearly a struggle to gain quotas of power in the State and, like courtiers, they will continue with their circus of inconsequential issues. In these seven months the network of self-styled « public servants » has not been able to deliver real solutions to the debts of Chileans, to their precarious pensions, to deregulation in market sectors that are bleeding them, they have not even been able to force BancoEstado to fulfill your social role in our economy. Please wake up!

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