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A few days ago we told you about Another Crusade, a Mexican video game that wants to be the spiritual successor of Super Mario RPG. If his concept caught your attention, you should know that his Kickstarter has already started.

Another Crusade’s Kickstarter campaign has been available for a few hours. In it, the DragonVein Studios team seeks to raise $ 11,184 USD ($ 250,000 MXN) for the project to become a reality. The intention is to launch it on PC and Mac; however, versions for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 can come true if certain fundraising goals are met.

If you are interested in supporting this project we tell you that you can do it from the amount you want. That said, you will need to contribute at least $ 300 MXN to get a copy of Another Crusade.

An important detail about Another Crusade is that it has different contribution levels and is offered in limited quantities. For example, the Super Early Bird offers you a digital copy of the game for $ 200 MXN, but there are only 50 available. The Early Bird level is also available, which gives it to you in exchange for $ 250 MXN.

If you are interested in trying Another Crusade, you should know that its demo is already available on its Kickstarter.

As of this writing, Another Crusade’s fundraising campaign is $ 161 USD ($ 3618.80 MXN). Please note that the campaign will end on August 21, 2020 and the goal needs to be reached for the studio to receive the money.

And you, do you plan to support Another Crusade? Tell us in the comments.

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