The River leadership received a formal offer from Shenzhen FC of China for Juan Fernando Quintero at the club offices. The Chinese club offered 7 million ‘clean’ dollars for the Millionaire, but the first response was negative.

Journalist Maximiliano Grillo reported on TNT Sports that River decided to reject that offer because it wants a higher sum. Although the amount did not transcend, the Millionaire would let him go for $ 8.5 million ‘clean’.

The truth is that this same Monday there was a telephone conversation between Juanfer Quintero and Marcelo Gallardo. The Colombian explained the situation and made the coach understand that he intends to make the jump from the economic point of view.

According to what Nicolás Distasio told TNT Sports, The Doll understood Quintero’s position and gave him a free hand to communicate to the leaders that he intends to leave from River to seek an economic improvement.

In this way, If the Chinese club improves the offer, Quintero is likely to leave River in the next few days. For now there is nothing officially confirmed, but Gallardo understood his situation and gave him the go-ahead to leave. What will happen?