Radomir Antic has left at 71 years of age and has left a huge void in the world of football and especially among Atlético de Madrid fans. With the Serbian at the controls, the rojiblanco club regained the glory lost years ago by achieving a League and Cup double in 1996 which completed one of the most unforgettable years in the club’s history.

At the altar of the athletes, Radomir Antic is at the same table as Luis Aragonés or Cholo Simeone. He got a double that nobody expected with a template that was far from the most outstanding of the time against powerful rivals like a Barcelona that was experiencing the disintegration of the Dream Team or a Real Madrid in which Raúl González was beginning to emerge.

With the defense as a bulwark –Molina was Zamora of the League–, the Atlético de Radomir showed more solidity than any leading the championship for 39 of the 42 days which lasted because the League was made up of 22 teams.

Penev was the top scorer of a team in which Kiko Narvaez was confirmed as a star. Simeone kept the core with Vizcaino as two pit bulls. Caminero and Pantic put the imagination, although the key was in an impassable rear with Solozábal, Toni Muñoz, Geli and Santi Denia.

That team made history and in capital letters. Of special memory was the Copa del Rey final in Zaragoza. There before a Barça desperate to add a title that season, Pantic ended the triumph with a goal in overtime to elevate Antic to the altars of the Vicente Calderón.

This double gave credit to a Antic who was the coach who lasted the longest at the head of the club in the time of Jesús Gil being three years in total in charge to later be hired twice more to save the team.

With Antic’s death a legend leaves for the rojiblanco world. He came rebounded from Real Madrid – he was kicked out when he was leader – and reconquered the first league for Atlético de Madrid in 19 seasons. The Serbian was a breath of fresh air for Spanish football due to his enormous personality.

“With the loss of Radomir, we lose a little bit of the club’s heart. With him I personally learned to win, with him I learned to live with passion the details that make you improve as a man and as a professional. Just give a very strong kiss to his wife Vera, Dusan and Ana and tell them that they should be proud of the husband and father they had because, in addition to being a great professional and a wonderful person, is in the history of Atlético de Madrid on its own merits », the words of Miguel Ángel Gil Marín only reveal that a legend is leaving.