The Clippers’ defensive play that cost them the game in the hands of Joe Inglés

The team of Angels clippers, fell in match number 2 of the series of Playoffs against the Utah Jazz team in the NBAIn this article we will be looking at what the game cost.

The Utah Jazz player, Joe English was one of the first responsible for defeating the team of Angels clippers with a surprising triple in the NBA.

Joe English surprised everyone with this long distance triple in the NBABut that’s why they trusted each other and left him totally alone.

Here the video:

Utah Jazz dominates the series 2-0 against the team of Angels clippers in the Playoffs, The team of Clippers is coming off a 0-2 against the Dallas Mavericks team in the first round at the NBA.

The eaves Joe English this season averaging 12 points, 3 rebounds and 4 assists per game in the NBA.

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