Victor White, current president of Racing, recalled Avellaneda’s last classic against Independiente, where the Academy won 1-0 thanks to a goal that Marcelo Díaz managed to convert when the team had nine players.

« I agree with Pusineri, the classic was an accident but for them, it will be 50 years until a classic like this is repeated. Independent, he always wanted to play against us, not today « , he chaired the honcho of Racing, in dialogue with DirecTV Sports.

For his part, Blanco gave an overview of his club’s pass market and told details of Ricardo Centurión’s sale: « We are not going to look for a side, but surely we will incorporate a player. The idea was to sell Centurion and the best decision was made. Today it was better for the squad that Centurion not return to Racing. « 

Finally, he confirmed that goalkeeper Javier García will not return to Racing for now: « Javier García did not answer our proposal, today he is not a player of our club« , Hill.