The classic Barebones mode appears filtered in Black Ops Cold War

The new season of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is coming down. It will come with new game modes, maps, and some other surprises. Activision has not yet released all the news, but the rumor mill and leaks have been running non-stop for a long time.

Thanks to this, the return of one of the classic game modes of the saga has been known, Barebones. This mode has been appearing in different editions of the franchise. Although depending on the game it worked in a different way.

In Black Ops 4, for example, it took us back to a classic multiplayer mode. There were no specialists, no weapon classes. You just showed up on the map with your weapon ready to take on opponents. However, in other games it only differed from the normal ones by eliminating the losing streaks.

It is not confirmed, far from it, how it will work in Cold War. The leak has only allowed us to listen to some audio files found in the code, which we listen to at the beginning of each game to indicate which game mode we are going to play. He’s the typical Cold War storyteller.

Will be next December 10th when Season 1 hits Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Being simply, so far, a leak, it is unknown when the different Barebones modes will do it.

Remember that Barebones apply to existing game modes. For example, if we followed what was done in BO4, it would apply to Hot Spot or Team Duel. Would be rules to follow within those modes, like going out with a basic team to combat or without losing streaks.

We just have to wait for Activision or Treyarch to reveal all the news of the new season. They do not have much time, so the information has to be when it arrives.