The Civil Guard clarifies how to circulate in roundabouts

The Civil Guard corrects the doubts of many drivers when taking a roundabout. What should we know?

Alberto de la Torre Reyes

June 10, 2021 (1:45 PM CET)

The Civil Guard remembers the rules of roundabouts and denies a maneuver that we all believed to be correct

There is an invention that came to Spain to stay. A solution that spread like wildfire in Europe and that we all have internalized. So much so that many drivers hesitate when they have to manage the right of way at an intersection. And although it has done a lot for traffic management, it is also a source of conflict, braking and honking. Yes, we are talking about the roundabouts.

A circle, two or more lanes around it, and numerous exits on the outside. And despite the fact that we have grown up with them as drivers. Even though we have passed a driving test. And even though we use them daily, there are still many drivers who still do not know the basic ruless of the roundabouts.

For this reason, the Civil Guard has republished a tweet in which it clarifies the concepts that we must take into account and, in addition, it demystifies a maneuver that, surely, you have heard more than once: “Through the roundabout you have to drive in the outer lane”.

No, as they remember from the security body, driving in the outside lane is not mandatory. Nor is it going to save us from being charged in an accident, which is why many prefer to drive in this lane. Simply, The only obligation that exists with respect to this outer lane is to leave the roundabout on the same. In this way, we can never cut the path of another vehicle.

Thus, as they remember from the Twitter account of the Civil Guard, in a roundabout you can circulate on any of the lanes that make up the same. The only thing you must bear in mind is that, if you want to change your trajectory, the one that circulates in the lane in which you want to position yourself has preference. Also, do not forget to signal your intentions with the turn signal and, above all, remember that it is illegal to leave the roundabout in a lane other than the right.

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