The City, to put more land in between

City has winked at a Premier who clearly points to Manchester. Any other destination seems impossible. Although if someone does not get carried away by triumphalism in advance, that is Guardiola: “We are not invincible nor do we have that feeling in the locker room,” he said before facing Everton at Goodison Park. A pending clash to which a date was found on the calendar after it was postponed to the end of December due to an outbreak in the Etihad.

The City walks liberated by England, with hardly any competition. If he wins at Liverpool, the margin of points will increase to ten compared to United, his main pursuer. Enough distance to think that the league acquires its first blue tints. Santpedor’s does not have Gündogan after he had to retire against Tottenham, suffering from muscle problems in the groin. De BruyneInstead, it returns to the list.

City faces an irregular Everton, able to compete with pride at Old Trafford and to fade against Newcastle or Fulham: “We don’t have many options against City, but we are not going to give up anything,” said an ominous Ancelotti. The Italian, between negative and realistic, wanted to put the cards on the table in a match in which he will not have Calvert-Lewin, main absence for an Everton that has to be entrusted to the talent of James Rodriguez.

The night, however, depends on the City. As in so many other occasions: “It is difficult to compare Guardiola with Wenger or Sir Alex Ferguson. If his work and style are judged, we are definitely talking about one of the best coaches in the world. Someone who has achieved excellence ”, he stressed Ancelotti. His service record has nothing to envy, although now at Everton he knows that the team aspires to gain a foothold in Europe without being able to demand much more.

Guardiola suffered one of its worst defeats since landing in England at Goodison Park. But neither that team from 2016 is this, nor is the mentality of then that of now. The City has set a fixed course for a Premier that cannot escape after linking a whopping ten wins in a row in the league. A record that is not available to anyone right now. Except for the team Guardiola, who wants to put even more land in between.