The city of Orlando will have the first port for flying taxis in the United States.

Miami, Nov 16 (. News) .- The city of Orlando, in central Florida (USA), plans to have the first port for flying taxis in the United States by 2025 in association with the German company Lilium, which works on the development of these electric aircraft. The call "vertiport" will be based in Lake Nona, a futuristic smart city being built near Orlando International Airport by the Tavistock Development Group, another of the project partners. Lilium, founded in 2015, seeks to develop, certify and manufacture electric aircraft totally free of polluting emissions. The German start-up has designed a prototype for five passengers that will allow it to make regional trips that are considerably faster than rail or road, "but competitive in price". The company underscored that Lake Nona’s central location provides the opportunity to connect more than 20 million Floridians within a 300 kilometer radius, serving several major cities, including Orlando and Tampa. "We have focused on finding the right partners to be a world leader in the advanced air mobility space"said Buddy Dyer, mayor of Orlando. Dyer was pleased with the partnership with Lilium and Lake Nona to invest "in expanding safe, efficient and environmentally friendly transportation options in one of the country’s fastest growing regions". Ben Weaver, managing director of Tavistock, spoke in the same vein, saying that this "first network" from "vertiports" from United States "provides a solution to environmental problems". Lilium, which develops vertical take-off and landing aircraft, noted that the "vertiport" will create more than a hundred jobs in the Orlando area and hundreds more throughout Florida. High-speed regional air mobility can serve Orlando and arrivals from its international airport, said Remo Gerber, director of Lilium. The company specified that the location of the "vertiport" it is subject to approval by the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), and other agencies. Meanwhile, the Lilium aircraft is certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the FAA and will operate under existing regulatory frameworks. The structure of the "vertiport" It will be 5,200 square meters (56,000 square feet) and will resemble a fairly typical airport terminal building. .