The City is walled

The rebound that City has had in recent weeks does not respond so much to the attack plan as to having improved back, much more solvent since Leicester endorsed a goal car at the Etihad. Since then, at the end of September, he has barely conceded another nine, a sign that the team has recomposed itself based on analyzing itself and realizing that the solution to the problem was to give more consistency to a rear that has assumed its tasks.

You cannot see the progress of the City without talking about Rúben Days, who was not weighed by the contrast with Benfica or the price paid: “He can play a couple of times a week and he recovers quickly. He understands the game, he wants to learn, and we are impressed to see how he takes care of himself before and after each game ”, he revealed recently Guardiola, surrendered to the commitment of a dedicated center-back, who is not distracted or makes big mistakes, neat with and without the ball.

Has improved the box Pep with Portuguese and also with Stones, resurrected as a footballer. He has put the batteries and has taken the square from Laporte, major words for someone who had a foot and a half outside the club: “He has recovered a great level,” confirmed Santpedor’s coach, marveling at the level of two players in line with his idea, who balance each other and give packaging to a City that precisely needed to improve in this section.

Although the team has lost its sense of smell -which is not present in attack-, it has countered that deficit by strengthening Ederson, who has thrown the lock on seven of the sixteen commitments of this Premier. City receives less because it offers fewer opportunities to its rivals, who do not finish with the ease of before. Now the team grows from behind, from stability, and it is enough of shorter markers to present its candidacy to the league.

It has cost but Guardiola has made the dressing room understand that it has to lower revolutions, damaged by games such as Leicester or Tottenham. Afternoons that ended in drama because disorder reigned, and there are no better footballers than Vardy or Kane to succeed in such a volatile context. However, since the City has controlled and imposed the tempo, everything has changed. So much so that he can get to a point from the leadership if he wins the clash that is pending. Defending better was key.