The Citroën Ami is here: an electric that you can buy for less than € 6,000

The massive arrival of electric cars it seems not to stop: every day more manufacturers dare to finally make the leap and offer electrical technology to satisfy a demand that, little by little, seems to be increasing. Citroën presented a few months ago its particular vision of electric mobility at the citizen level with the Citroën Ami, a small two-seater vehicle that is now available in Spain, with a price that, by the way, is most surprising.

Fiber bodywork, Spartan interior to the extreme for two occupants, 45 km / h top speed and approved electric autonomy of 75 kilometers. A priori they do not seem the ideal attributes to “make love” to petrolheads who are looking for the latest whim in the form of a car with which to enjoy and have fun at the wheel, right?

They are not, but the Citroën Ami Nor does it pretend, since its “mission” is very different: It is a small vehicle designed to facilitate citizen mobility for millions of people thanks to its size, its simplicity of use, to the possibility of driving from the age of 16 and the ability to use it through different formulas beyond the classic acquisition.

You can buy a Citroën Ami for less than € 6,000

That’s how it is: the Citroën Ami becomes the cheapest electric “car” on the market, the cheapest to acquire, as it is offered from € 7,200 with the possibility of adding up to € 1,600 in aid of the MOVES III Plan, which makes its final price drop to a more than interesting € 5,600. The Citroën Ami, by the way, can be ordered through the website of the French manufacturer, and we can receive it at our home comfortably and quickly by paying a small supplement.

Citroen Ami 2020 Secrets 45

With different customization packs Available at a very low cost – between € 400 and € 900 – the Citroën Ami does not have a very complete equipment in terms of comfort or safety technology, but it does offer elements such as heating or USB connection for the mobile phone, so that the little French is ideal for large cities.

The Citroën Ami can be recharged from a traditional outlet -of those we have at home- in just over 3 hours, so it is ideal for 100% urban use. In fact, Citroën has announced, through its Car Sharing Free2Move subsidiary, that the Citroën Ami has already arrived in the Spanish capital, so that everyone who wants to take the new Citroën Ami for a spin can do so through PSA’s rental service by the minute.

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