The Circuit welcomes the public and prepares for MotoGP

05/18/2021 at 1:36 PM CEST

The Catalunya Motorcycling Championship arrives this Sunday, May 23 at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. The weekend welcomes the cradle of Catalan motorcycling and with this the Circuit has decided to open the door to the public by welcoming up to 1,000 people to enjoy racing Sunday. Fans will have the opportunity to witness live the Mediterranean Speed ​​Championship and the Classic Catalan Speed ​​Championships.

The program prepared for the weekend concentrates all the races on Sunday and the circuit has launched free tickets so that lovers of two wheels can relive the excitement of racing live. As was done in the Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix, the attendees will only occupy the Main Tribune and the event will serve as a test for the following appointments on the Catalan track.

MotoGP arrives at the Circuit de Barcelona on the weekend of June 4 to 6, in just two weeks, and from the circuit they remain hopeful that after this weekend’s test, following the COVID-19 protocol and safety regulations, the Grand Prix can be held with the public. All attendees who enter the Catalan Championship this weekend will be subjected to a temperature control at the entrance, they must wear a mask at all times and be duly accredited. Regarding the entrances, a system of selection of seats has been followed to guarantee the safety distance between the public.

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