The chilling figure for which Google has been fined in Italy

05/16/2021 at 11:54 AM CEST

More and more companies report that Google Y Manzana they function as true leaders of the technological world. They consider that they do and undo as they please, having control of which applications reach the public through their stores. Epic Software has already reported that it was losing a lot of money because of Apple, which controlled all the sales that were made through its phones for the Fortnite video game. Thus, more and more companies have denounced this situation of control and absolute monopoly.

In Italy, Google has been fined 100 million euros for its monopolistic position. This is largely because it controls which apps can be used in cars using Android Auto. Issue that comes as a result of the complaint of a company regarding the geolocation of the charging points of electric vehicles.

To favor Google Maps, the Californian company did not allow the use of this application, which is why has been forced to reincorporate this app to its app store. These antitrust issues are slowly reaching the courts of the different countries of the world and slowly the companies that are at the forefront of technological deployment are being condemned for this type of practice.

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