The cheapest Xiaomi refrigerator does not cost even 200 euros to change

This economic Xiaomi refrigerator has a capacity of 185 liters, of which 127 liters correspond to the refrigerator and 58 liters to the freezer.

Xiaomi has always been characterized by having a more extensive product catalog than any other technology brand, when marketing from a drill to some practical wipes to clean the screen of our smartphone.

If we focus on products intended for the homeAfter presenting a completely intelligent kitchen a few weeks ago, a refrigerator with a groundbreaking price has just launched in China: less than 200 euros to change.

MIJIA Double-door Refrigerator: this is Xiaomi’s most affordable refrigerator

As we can read in Gizmochina, the Chinese giant has just presented in its native country a double-door refrigerator, called MIJIA Double-door Refrigerator, which is the model of this type with the highest capacity to date with 185 liters, since until now those that were available were 118, 160 and 170 liters respectively.

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This new refrigerator is made of PCM metal and has dimensions of 1518 millimeters high and 525 millimeters wide, occupying an area of ​​almost 0.3 square meters that makes it ideal for a small apartment.

The MIJIA Double-door Refrigerator has two wide doors, one for the refrigerator and one for the freezer, with a hidden handle design which is also very easy to remove to be able to wash it when it has accumulated dirt.

Xiaomi’s cheapest refrigerator consumes little electricity and makes little noise

Of the total capacity of this refrigerator, 127 liters correspond to the refrigerator, which has three adjustable shelves, and 58 liters correspond to the freezer, which has three drawers and a set of evaporators on top to ensure cooling of the highest drawer.

The refrigerator of this new Xiaomi refrigerator is also equipped with a low temperature automatic regulator, which will turn on when the ambient temperature is too low and that guarantees that function normally.

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Finally, we must emphasize that the refrigerator that incorporates this MIJIA Double-door Refrigerator is energy efficient, since it only consumes about 0.68 kWh of electricity per day and, in addition, it is very silent because it generates a noise of only 39 dB.

Availability and price

This 185 liter capacity MIJIA Double-door Refrigerator is now available for purchase in China with a starting price of 1,299 yuan, about 166 euros to change, although we have the option to purchase it in presale for only 1,099 yuan, about 140 euros to change.

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