the cheapest plan will no longer have unlimited gigs

Last July, Movistar launched its new rates Fusión Inicia and Fusión Ficción, notably lowering the minimum price of access to the mobile data flat rate. The first one, Fusión Inicia, came to replace Fusión Base and did so with unlimited data and 100 or 600 Mbps of fiber from 68 euros.

Now the operator has decided to raise that bar again to access unlimited data and, for this, has doubled its cheapest Fusion rate. This is how Fusión Inicia Infinito was born, while Fusión Inicia says goodbye to the unlimited data bonus to offer 45 GB shares.

Welcome to Fusion Initiates Infinity

Until now, for a fee of 68 euros per month with 100 Mbps fiber or 75 euros with 600 Mbps fiber, the Fusión Inicia rate offered unlimited data on mobile line, while in the television section, it kept the 80 family channels and all its own production.

Now, as advanced in RatesDe, Movistar has separated that rate in two, so that a new plan is born, but the existing one loses unlimited data:

Fusion Starts: for 71 euros per month, it includes 300 Mbps fiber, a first mobile line with 40 GB and unlimited calls, and another second mobile line with 5 GB and calls at 0 cents / minute.

Fusion Starts Infinity: For 78 euros per month, it offers 1 Gbps fiber, unlimited minutes and data on the main mobile line, and another second mobile line with 5 GB and calls at 0 cents / minute.

Both come with the landline (unlimited calls to landlines and line fee included) and more than 80 television channels, among which are the DTT channels and the exclusive channels Movistar + # 0 and #vamos.

Those Movistar customers who had contracted the Fusion Inicia plan with 100 Mbps, as stated in the Movistar Community, will be able to maintain unlimited data on the mobile line and the monthly fee of 68 euros. Therefore, the change only affects new customers, which will not have permanence and will be able to enjoy the first three months reduced to 37.5 euros per month.

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