The cheapest electric: Dacia Spring test

The most anticipated electric car on the current scene it has already fallen into our hands. We are talking about the new Dacia Spring, the new model from the manufacturer Dacia conceived to be the cheapest electric car in the Spanish market, an ambitious – albeit risky – bet with which Dacia aims to turn the electric car market upside down thanks to a formula that for now only Dacia has dared to market.

The Dacia Spring aims to make “good, nice and cheap” a reality: has it succeeded?

One of the most common drawbacks among those who want to make the leap to the electric car is the purchase price, and that is why Dacia has decided to make a move by creating the cheapest model on the market today. More and more, the electric ones increase their autonomies and reduce their prices, but the truth is that the Dacia Spring with a price of 16,550 euros (17,300 without financing) is now the rival to beat if we are looking for an electric at the lowest possible price.

Throughout this video analysis that we have prepared for you on the occasion of its international presentation, we will not only find out how Dacia designed the Spring to get that price, but also if this Dacia recipe is a valid formula for all audiences and needs. The objective, obviously, to find out if the Spring is the expected electric car of the people, or on the contrary it is only an affordable car in its class.

The Dacia Spring is a small car, a new model in the Dacia range that despite its price is below the Sandero. We are talking about a car of barely 3.73 meters long, 1.51 meters high and 1.58 meters wide. This model is actually based on the same platform that has given life to other urban areas such as the Kwid or the K-ZE, models aimed at emerging markets such as China, India or Brazil. In fact, the new Dacia Spring maintains its manufacture on Chinese soil, although Dacia has revised its chassis, technology and equipment to adapt to the demands of the European market.

Dacia Spring 2021 0421 Gray Rear 104

In terms of space we are talking about a car that allows to accommodate 4 occupants, although with certain nuances. Comfort in the front seats is greater thanks to more comfortable seats, however in the rear seats things are complicated for heights that reach 1.80 meters. The reason? Well, firstly because it is easy for us to touch with our knees on the back of the front seat, and secondly because if we measure 1.80 meters and sit upright, we will touch our heads on the roof and on the side pillar. What’s more, given the narrowness of the model, inside we do not have too much free space at shoulder height, being very close to the bodywork and the doors of the vehicle in all seats. Of course, the Spring offers an interesting trunk for its size with 270 liters, which makes it quite usable as a multipurpose car.

Dacia Spring 2021 0421 Interior Multimedia Steering Wheel 075

If we place ourselves in the driver’s seat, what we find is a driving position that bets on a practical and very simple vision. The formula to achieve this is well known in the brand, recycling controls from other Renault and Dacia models, betting on simple but well assembled materials and integrating the most useful equipment for our day to day. We should not expect flourishes, or great displays, for example the steering wheel cannot be adjusted in height or depth. I liked the instrument panel, because it is very easy to read and at a glance it gives us all the necessary information, however the management of the on-board computer seems to me to be clearly better, since the change of the views is done through a button located in the middle of the instrument panel itself, which translates into a cumbersome process.

Dacia Spring 2021 0421 Trunk 141

Once we go to the multimedia section, the Dacia Spring relies on the same interface that we know from other Dacia. 7 “touchscreen compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, offering a smooth and effective enough operation not to miss anything else. And continuing with the equipment we find another of the assets of Spring, its commitment to offer a complete endowment where our most basic needs are covered: 4 electric windows, electrically adjustable mirrors, air conditioning, LED daytime running lights, speed limiter, emergency braking, hill start assist, rear view camera or rear parking sensors. We are not facing the most equipped city car, but the Spring does not have deficiencies that make it stand out negatively.

Dacia Spring 2021 0421 Front Movement 012

We come to the driving section to discover the best and worst of a Dacia Spring that, as we anticipated, is not made for all audiences. The Spring has an electric motor capable of developing 45 hp maximum power and 145 Nm of maximum torque, meaning that the Dacia Spring accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 19.1 seconds and that reaches a maximum speed of 125 km / h. With these figures it is clear that the Dacia Spring is a recommended car for use in the city. Despite this, it is fair to admit that during our driving test we were able to verify that the Spring is capable of maintaining cruises of 100 and even 120 km / h, but this has a very negative impact on consumption and is also only recommended on routes where travel with passengers or where we are not going to face steep slopes.

Dacia Spring 2021 0421 018

Below 80 km / h I think that is where the Dacia Spring shines the most, and not only for performance, but for philosophy and chassis setup. Once we enter urban environments we find an agile car, with which it is very easy and comfortable to wander around, and which also offers astonishing ease of parking thanks to the 9.6 meter turning diameter and the 3.73 meter length. Added to this is a quick response to the throttle for the first few meters, which is combined with a adjusted consumption that allows us to comply with the approved autonomy of 230 km (WLTP) if we avoid high speeds and maximum power demands. And yet we always have a wild card in the form of “ECO” mode, a specific driving profile that limits the power of the electric motor to 31 HP and the maximum speed to 100 km / h to achieve an extra 10% autonomy.

Dacia Spring 2021 0421 057

Recharging in the case of the Spring allows us to use alternating current with powers of up to 6.6 kW, rising to 30 kW if we use direct current. Thanks to a small battery of only 27.4 kWh, recharging times are reduced with less than 1 hour to restore 80% with the most powerful connection. The use of this battery adds the advantage of a low weight, just 1,048 kg.

Dacia Spring 2021 0421 Front White 042

Dacia Spring opinion

Therefore, The Dacia Spring has managed to meet the objective of creating a cheap electric car, although this has forced to renounce certain aspects such as a superior build quality (like that of the new Dacia Sandero without going any further), more space for passengers or superior features that allow you to leave the city. This does not mean that, for 16,550 euros, we are facing a car that can fit in those who are looking for a second and even a third car in their garage, an electric vehicle designed to make all those daily trips that we make in the city to go from one point to another with no greater need than a low cost per kilometer.

The Dacia Spring makes much more sense if we add the aid of MOVES, leaving the final price at 9,550 euros (financed)

And if to this equation we add the up to 7,000 euros that we can reduce through the MOVES Plan, what we find is a Dacia Spring from 9,550 euros that camouflages its shortcomings to become an interesting option to move around the city.