“The character of Chisca Garza will have a great change”: Cassandra Sánchez-Navarro – El Sol de México

From being a problematic, unstable woman, addicted to drugs and sex, Chisca Garza will see the light in the second season of The Dragon: The Return of a Warrior 2. This is stated by Cassandra Sánchez-Navarro who gives life to the protagonist in this soap opera that begins today by Las Estrellas.

“The character of Chisca will have a great change in her, something very strong is going to happen to her in her life. That strong and arrogant woman but love is going to cause her to crumble to clothe herself with new values ​​in her life “, says Cassandra in a telephone interview with The Sun of Mexico.

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The actress remembers having fought a great battle to put herself in Chisca’s shoes. “Before the recordings I had nine months of very hard and exhausting work until I was able to dramatize a woman who loses control easily and has little self-control. She is also a self-destructive woman, she destroys many things around her because of the ego that dominates her and almost all the time she is asleep and raw from the drunkenness that she gets. This character is not linear, Chisca has many demons in her life ”.

Among other things, he talks about the success of The Dragon, the original idea of ​​the Spanish Arturo Pérez-Reverte.

“Mexico and Latin America are trapped by this history because of the martial arts, it is an unknown world for Latinos and we as Mexicans love to see things from other parts of the world, in this case from the Asian continent that shows a very different ancestral culture to the Westerners, although similar in terms of roots with ours.

“The success is also due to all the actors and actresses, people from the direction, production and technical team who managed to make this story for other commercial and attractive,” he adds.

Of leading actress Cynthia Klitbo, she said it was very gratifying to work with her on this production:

“She is a great girl, it is wonderful to remember our moments on the scene together, also with Sebastián Rulli, my adoptive brother. Cynthia is a great woman onstage and offstage ”.

The story focuses on a young man who grew up in Japan, who comes from a family of drug traffickers who have kept him out of this illicit activity, until the time comes when he has to take over the cartel, but wants to change the situation of violence that always accompanies drug trafficking. He is a specialist in economics, he is an honorable person and what he wants is to transform that money into legal money.

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