The changing room is in the way! Mia Khalifa enjoys her spa day

The changing room is in the way! Mia Khalifa enjoys her spa day | Instagram

With only a few chains, this is how Mia Khalifa was seen on social networks in what would be her spa day. Definitely in this special time for the former actress there is only one rule: the wardrobe is in the way.

The lebanese personality She thrilled her followers by sharing a couple of short videos on her Instagram stories in which you can see how she and her beauty enjoy being pampered on this day. Mia Khalifa filmed herself with her hair up and her face bare, ready to receive delicious treatments.

Sarah Joe Chamoun He closed his eyes to enjoy a mask for dark circles and then a rich steam bath directly to his face. But without a doubt, what Internet users were waiting for is that not even a towel could be seen in Mia’s imposing anatomy.

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The now influencer showed a lot of her skin and her most famous curves in the images, something that social networks appreciated.

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Mia khalifa She is very active on Instagram and Twitter, where she usually shares images of her day-to-day life and also attractive photo shoots that steal the breath of those who admire her beauty.

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In the last year the figure of the former actress took an unexpected turn after she was observed much thinner, but marked, many thought she was ill. The famous woman came out quite upset to deny the situation and ensure that she was healthier than ever since she was following a diet and doing physical activity.

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