The changes that Instagram will have that you should know


Instagram will undergo a series of changes in the coming months that will enhance entertainment content and especially the video format, which will make definitely stop being a photo sharing application.

The head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, has shared through a video posted on Instagram and on Twitter the changes that will affect the platform, which will revolve around four trends: content creators, video, shopping and messaging.

Mosseri has highlighted the intention of the company to ensure that creators can earn a living from the posts they share on the platform, and also the changes that purchases have experienced in the last year, increasingly digital, due to the pandemic.

The manager has also pointed out that the way people communicate with those close to them has changed in the last five years, It is no longer so much through the ‘feed’ or the Historys, but through the courier. And above all, Instagram users come to the platform in search of entertainment, a type of content that goes hand in hand with the growth that video is experiencing.

These trends have led Mosseri to understand that they must bet more on entertainment and video, where there are already strong applications like TikTok and YouTube, and starting a transition that he hopes will be completed within a year or a year and a half. “We are no longer an app to share photos,” said the manager.

In this context, the company will begin to carry out more tests in sections such as the recommendations, with new content that the user may not yet be following, or the topics, where they have started a test to know what topics do users want to see more or less. In this change, video will take a more leading role, and will become full screen, immersive, entertaining and with a mobile format.

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