On June 3, one of the biggest open secrets in recent months was confirmed. Germán Adrián Ramón Burgos, el Mono Burgos, announced that he was leaving Simeone’s band and began his solo career as head coach when this edition of the Champions League ends.

This final phase of the Champions League, in addition to being atypical, It will be the last opportunity for Mono Burgos to raise the long-awaited Orejona that is so exciting in the Metropolitan. A way of saying goodbye to the fans who have supported him so much in his time as Cholo Simeone’s second coach, as they also did in the era in which he defended the Vicente Calderón goal and starred in the spot in which he warned that Atlético was returning from hell.

When the Champions League concludes se will be officially fired to begin that solo career. Atlético will lose one of your experts in strategy playsThose who have given a League, another Copa del Rey and the odd European Cup, if not four. But before you go He promised that Champions, he showed his commitment to remain involved until the end because he feels the club as his own … and the shock that the mattress workers took with the two cases of coronavirus and a possible outbreak almost ended their illusion of saying goodbye through the front door, although it must be recognized that, in the case if they do not proclaim themselves champions, they will too.

Perhaps the phrase that Jimi Hendrix pronounced one day could be a prediction of what awaits Mono Burgos. « Sometimes you want to give up on the guitar, you will hate it, but if you don’t give up on it, you will be rewarded »said the mythical guitarist. Making a simile, we could compare football and surrender, like those two Champions League finals that he lost as Atlético’s second coach, but not getting up is prohibited in Simeone’s philosophy, so now he’s three games away from that reward.

Whether Hendrix’s premonition or not, Mono Burgos will go away with his rock & roll away from the Metropolitan. His solo career. To solo with a team that he bet on a project led by him, a man accustomed to those boundaries, who with his charisma has led the mattress dressing room and has led his rock group The Garb, in addition to delighting and entertaining the occasional team dinner with his music.

What is clear is that Germán Burgos is going elsewhere with music, but he will leave his mark on Club Atlético de Madrid. It will be impossible, when the public can return to the Metropolitan, that when Rosendo’s Ways of Living or AC / DC’s Thunderstruck sounds over the PA system, they don’t remember that rock & roll that Monkey, Which will no longer be in the band. And despite leaving, cada rojiblanco fan will always wish you the best of luck in this new soccer solo which starts from August 23.

Old rockers never die.