Aleksander Ceferin, UEFA president, stated that there are three options “to end the season, taking into account that nobody knows when the pandemic will end” of the coronavirus.

The Slovenian executive spoke about the different hypotheses in which this organism works depending on the evolution of the world coronavirus crisis, in the pages of the Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

“No one knows when the pandemic will end. There is a plan A, B or C. We can start again in mid-May, in June or in late June. If we can’t do it on any of these three dates, the season probably won’t be over, ”he said.

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“There is also a proposal to end this season at the beginning of the next, which would start a little later. It would also be necessary to work with respect to the contracts of the players and the periods of transfers ”, explained Ceferin.

The president of the UEFA He also did not exclude that it was necessary to “superimpose the national and international calendars”, and affirmed that it was “difficult to imagine the games without spectators”, although he also left an open door to this possibility.

“What I do not imagine are the finals of the European Cups behind closed doors,” concluded Ceferin.