The UEFA executive committee confirmed on Wednesday that the group stage of the next edition of the Champions League (2020-21) will start on Tuesday, October 20, five weeks later than usual, due to the coronavirus pandemic.


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The group stage will be compressed so that you can finish on the dates you normally do: in this case, the sixth and last day of the group stage will be played on December 8 and 9, and from there, the competition will take place on its usual dates.

Before, specifically the October 1, 2020, the draw for the group stage will take place in Athens.

The final of the competition will be held in Istanbul, the city that was going to host the final of this edition but who resigned due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition, and to achieve the fit in the calendar, all the previous phases, except the play-off for access to the group phase, will be played in a single match.