The challenges that Biden will have to face

The first great challenge before the new president of the United States will be to recover the national unity lost by an outgoing administration that dedicated itself for four years to incubate hatred, intolerance and racism, feeding the discourse of difference. above the necessary coexistence and harmony among all North Americans. Until the last day of his term, President Trump has continued to discredit American democracy, waving the flag that his defeat was due to an alleged monumental electoral fraud – never proven – and has exhibited arrogance and arrogance as his two main arguments against the democratic legitimacy granted by the polls to his adversary, now the new president.

The worst of this period dominated by racism, intolerance and neofacism are the followers of former President Trump himself, a tribe made up of racists, fascists, white supremacists, ignorant vulgars, ultra-Christian fanatics, angry violent and unsociable radicals, to define them as a diplomatic way, which gave the worst of the worst on January 6 when they tried to carry out a well-calculated coup and stormed the Capitol, transmitting to the world the brutality of their forms and the irrationality of a discourse based on brute force and violence.

Today, despite all that the United States has endured in these four years, a new era begins and the world breathes, finally, calm. As a second great challenge, the president will have to recover the image of a great responsible nation, with a firm leadership that is respectful of the freedoms and fundamental rights that the country once had, precisely the opposite of what happened during Trump’s term. in which the external projection of the United States has been seriously damaged and weakened due to the colossal gaffes of the tenant of the White House. For example, the United States’ relations with Europe and its NATO partners, to take just one example, are seriously damaged and rebuilding them, when the transatlantic link is almost non-existent, will require great political and diplomatic efforts.

Europeans, after decades of looking towards the United States as a partner that inspired trust and respect, today are suspicious of their former ally and that trend is perceived in public opinion, which increasingly demands an authentic European construction that overcomes that disaffection and endow the European Union with greater leadership on the international scene. The greatest damage Trump has done to the free world has been to destroy the transatlantic link, which was the engine that drove the changes in Eastern Europe and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The third major challenge facing the president is to face the emergence of new alliances on the international scene that openly challenge the West, such as the increasingly active Russia-Turkey-Iran axis, involved in regional conflicts in The Middle East, such as Libya, Lebanon, Palestine and Yemen, where sometimes they compete with each other and other times they put Western interests in check, as is the case in Syria. The recent crisis in the Caucasus, in which a country armed to the teeth by Turkey, Azerbaijan, defeated a Christian and pro-Western country, Armenia, revealed that the old inertias of the past, based on the community of religious and political interests, continue conditioning many of the new alliances in the world.


The pandemic unleashed by covid-19, how could it be less, is another of the great issues that the new president will have to face urgently and without delay, since the United States is, without a doubt, the nation hardest hit by this crisis. Trump’s insane irresponsibility and almost criminal negligence have led the country to face almost 25 million cases and more than 400,000 deaths to date, a number that far exceeds those killed in the Korean wars. , Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. A new approach that should involve a realistic strategy of preventive health measures, as all the countries of the world have done, is urgent and necessary. Also the development of a mass vaccination plan, as Biden has already announced, should be launched as soon as possible.

On the table of the new president are the “hot potatoes” of the nuclear plans of Iran and North Korea, never postponed or questioned despite the threats of the outgoing president to both countries, and that will have to be faced with a new, more political perspective and diplomatic than Trump’s rhetorical barrage, quite useless by the way and not at all effective. The United States must seek fundamental agreements with its European partners and with Russia, in the style of the one Obama promoted with Iran, so that both countries deactivate these arms programs and achieve a global consensus on such a sensitive issue that endangers peace throughout the planet. .

Last but not least, the new president will have to face the serious economic crisis looming after the tsunami caused by covid-19 in the global economy, in which millions of jobs are expected to be destroyed, tourism does not recover in years, poverty increases in almost the entire planet and years of effort and work are lost at the mercy of a crisis that is already beginning to show its teeth in the poorest and most underdeveloped countries. The leadership of the United States in the global economy is vital for the world to regain its dynamism and strength, as this nation did for decades, and also for confidence, after months of anguish and uncertainty at the mercy of this pandemic that does not seems to have an end, come back hand in hand with effective, positive and productive measures that can infuse international markets in these critical moments for all. Biden, a man who radiates responsibility and confidence despite his age, has before him great subjects to overcome but perhaps he is the only one, in the current circumstances, capable of successfully overcoming them. We’ll see what happens.

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