The challenge of understanding the other. Trailer and poster of ‘Six days of currents’

With you the (international) trailer and the (Spanish) poster of ‘Six running days‘, the new film by Neus Balls (‘ Marta’s trip ‘). The film will hit Spanish cinemas in the near future by the hand of Filmax, after passing through the Locarno and Toronto festivals.

Based on real situations and characters, the film tells the daily life of Moha, Valero and Pep, workers in a small plumbing and electricity company on the outskirts of Barcelona. For a week Moha, the youngest, will have to show that he is ready to replace Pep, who is retiring. But Valero considers that Moha “does not give the profile”, and doubts that clients will accept a Moroccan worker in their homes.

With a script by the director herself with Margarita Melgar (pseudonym after which are Montse Ganges and Ana Sanz-Magalln), ‘Six running days‘is a hybrid genre film, which combines fiction with elements borrowed from reality. The film retains the characteristic sensitivity of its author but this time Balls moves away from the drama to enter an apparently light tone, turning the proposal into a singular comedy.

In the movie Balls he works with a casting made up entirely of non-actors who play themselves. After several years of casting and documentation in the universe of plumbers and electricians, Balls chose the three main characters – real plumbers – interpreting the wide variety of situations that arise when they enter a client’s house to do a repair.

The entire cast, led by Mohamed Mellali, Valero Escolar and Pep Sarr, with no experience in the world of cinema, went through a preparation workshop before filming. The filming was done chronologically. Likewise, in the filming of Balls, he incorporated documentary methodologies to obtain fresh, authentic and surprising interpretations and situations from the protagonists at the same time.

Under a layer of humor, lightness and everyday life, the six stories that make up the film (corresponding to six days of a working week), hide a deep reflection on the prejudices that are activated when we are forced to live with someone other than ourselves. At a time when signs of intolerance and racism are very present, the film wants to offer a new look at one of the greatest challenges facing our diverse and multicultural society: The challenge of understanding the other.

Six running days‘is a Miriam Port production for Distinto Films and El Kingraf, with the associated Slot Machine production (France). It has the participation of Radio Televisin Espaola, Televisin de Catalua and Movistar +, the support of ICAA and ICEC, and the promotion of the Master in Creation Documentary at UPF.

The film will soon arrive in cinemas from Filmax, while internationally it will be distributed by Beta Cinema GmbH.

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