the chair umpire makes a mistake with the score and the fault lies with the injured party

Monumental scandal in the Bogotá tournament of the WTA in the first round match between Astra sharma and Giulia Gatto-Monticone. The chair umpire was confused when counting the points from the tiebreaker and Gatto-Monticone ended up winning the match 4-6, 7-5 and 6-1.

The situation took place when Sharma was 0-40 to the rest, but the chair umpire scored 30-15. The game went to Gatto-Monticone, who would not yield until the end of the game. Nevertheless, Sharma did not complain at the time and when he spoke to the tournament supervisor after the crash the result could no longer be changed.. The supervisor’s response was that she should have been more attentive and learn her lesson.

“The WTA supervisor told me that I should learn the lesson and focus more on the result rather than my tennis in the future. My mistake is not an excuse “, published the Australian tennis player on her personal Twitter account.

Sharma also received the support of other teammates on the circuit, such as Ellen perez, who did not believe what happened. “There is no excuse for such a serious mistake on the part of the chair umpire and, in addition, the supervisor defends him by accusing the tennis player of not having noticed. It’s really gross. I am tired of the referees having a direct influence on the final result of the matches ”.