The CEO of OnePlus fantasizes about a mobile box that will not leave you indifferent

The CEO of OnePlus fantasizes about a box to sell his smartphones.

At the same time that mobile phone companies are improving their smartphones with better processors, designs and cameras, they also improve another aspect that users do not normally give much importance to. We talk about the boxes.

Because the product inside is just as important as the way you present it. In terms of boxes and packaging, Apple is an expert and we are not going to fool ourselves, if a box enters your eyes … half a product is sold.

Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus, has shared on Twitter how he would have liked to sell his OnePlus terminals. A really curious and sincerely surprising mobile box. You do not believe it? Well, take a look.

This is the box with which you would like to sell phones to OnePlus

This is how you would like to sell your terminals to OnePlus

This idea from the CEO of OnePlus is not a package at all conventional. It uses plastic and it is that if we look carefully It is identical to other packages such as when we buy a pendrive. On the right side you would find the well protected terminal, while on the right side the main specifications of the terminal would appear.

It also has a hook to place it in a store and something quite curious, no spaces for chargers and headphones. This is nothing new and the fact is that firms want to save manufacturing costs by not including this type of accessories in their terminals.

Pete Lau would like to use this type of box but has also recognized that it is a fantasy and that the firm is not going to give up its characteristic red boxes. Now, can you imagine going to a shopping center and buying a smartphone with this box? The less it would be curious.

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