The celebrity who helped Nodal choose the engagement ring for Belinda

“I helped Nodal choose the ring, (but) he paid for it in full,” Montaner said, clearing up rumors that Nodal had paid for the expensive jewel in installments. The Venezuelan singer-songwriter assured that although his colleagues tried to hide their romance, this simply became impossible during the recordings of the program.

Ricardo Montaner is happy with Belinda and Nodal’s commitment. (Mexico Agency.)

“Of course I was a witness. They tried to hide what was happening, but love is very difficult to hide, so the situation on the panel was very obvious. We enjoyed it very much. On more than one occasion we had some talks with Nodal, one of those talks from father to son, like the ones I have had with my children ”, he said.

Finally, Montaner had nothing but praise for his companions and raised his hand to be one of the guests at the long-awaited wedding.

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