The celebration of the 50 of Adamari López began from the bed

Two days after “Shorty“Darling of Hispanic television and host of”Today“, Adamari Lopez, reach your fifty years, her friends already prepared a surprise for her for her birthday. The celebration of “Ada’s fifties” started from the bed and surrounded by balloons, color and many smiles. She barely opened her eyes and already had a lot of love and joy around her.

Her best friends took her gave her a spa day, personalized chef, delicious dinner and even matching pajamas that they all dressed. There were also some women from her family and, as expected, her little girl Alaïa, whom they dressed also matching the pajamas of “the big ones”.

Adamari López does not intend to let this new “return to the sun” pass under the table and has been willing to start the celebration days before and have a whole party every day. His followers cannot believe that he is that age.

“I don’t believe you are 50 years old, you look like a 30-year-old woman, very pretty happy birthday”, “Excuse me but Ada is not 50 years old … Nooo she is not 50, I refuse to believe it” cute. Congratulations on your birthday. You look very good for that age. You are beautiful. Have a great time. Blessings ”,“ Incredible !! l… 50… ..looks 40… beautiful! … She is seen to be happy with her achievements ”,“ Happy 50 very well managed ”and Nor is she looking at her age”.

Along with turning 50, Adamari reaches a very personal achievement that has cost him a lot of effort and sacrifice: his great weightloss. Just a few days ago published his before and after of his figure and left some of his followers speechless. The presenter of Telemundo She has been exercising daily for many months now, eating healthy, meditating and doing everything necessary not only to look better but to feel great.

At some point, Adamari said that she wanted to change her habits, because she wants her daughter Alaïa to keep in mind the importance of taking care of herself. Understanding that the body is a temple and that if one is well on the inside, it is reflected on the outside. This has earned Adamari so that the public runs wild in praise and admiration. All have witnessed the hard road that the Puerto Rican woman has gone through to make herself look regal as she is today.

What better gift for Adamari than to see the results of her efforts and also serve as an example for hundreds of people who, like her, have suffered from the terrible misnamed overweight. We wish you a very happy Birthday and we remain attentive to the celebrations that will come in the next few days where your love will be sure, Toni Costa and his colleagues from “Hoy Día” will celebrate it in style.

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