The cast of Dickinson answers your doubts about season 2

The first three chapters of the second season of Dickinson, the original Apple TV + series starring Hailee Steinfeld, are now available. If you follow the series and have already seen the new episodes, you probably have some questions, like: What kinds of conflicts will we see later? Who is Sam Bowles? What’s wrong with Sue? We spoke with Hailee steinfeld, Ella Hunt, Adrian Blake Enscoe, Anna Baryshnikov and creator Alena Smith, who answered all this and more, without ruining the surprises that will come later.

Something that surprised us a lot was discovering the status of the characters after the first season. The second begins about a year and a half after the last thing we saw. Adrian Blake Enscoe, who plays Austin Dickinson, Emily’s brother, told us, “While the first season was a coming of age story in the John Hughes lore, now we have moved on to the characters dealing with adult issues. We see Sue and Austin moving into their own home, married but facing problems.

All the characters have much more mature conflicts than before ”.

The second season is not satisfied with just developing existing characters, but introduces a new important player in the plot: Sam Bowles. Portrayed by Finn Jones (Iron Fist), the character seeks to publish Emily’s work in his newspaper empire. “Sam is an exciting, forward-thinking, young newspaper editor who steps into the Dickinsons’ life and blows all Emily’s expectations of her options as a poet,” reveals Alena Smith, creator and writer of the series. Contrary to Emily’s father in season one, Sam Bowles considers himself a feminist and wants to promote female voices. Suddenly the doors open to Emily, but at the same time she doesn’t know if Sam is trustworthy. “

Sam enters the plot through Sue’s social life, who has changed a lot since we last saw her. “There were times this season when the Sue that Alena wrote scared me quite a bit,” confesses Ella Hunt, who plays her. “It goes through such a tremendous transformation that it is exciting and at times very difficult. What was wonderful is that Alena was always by my side, willing to take ten minutes on set to sit down and talk about why Sue is about to behave the way she does, and filling me with confidence that she could do it. ” .

“Sue has quite an arc this season,” reflects Hailee Steinfeld. “She goes from being introverted, quiet, and always present to Emily in season one, to wearing beautiful dresses, buying expensive art, throwing parties, and becoming an overnight socialite. Now he’s pushing Emily and making her question if he’s really looking out for her best interests. It is a huge turn of the situation. Regardless, Hailee reassures us that the change is based on the same emotions we saw last season. “[Su relación] it is as disastrous, beautiful and heartbreaking as in the first season, if not more ”.

The second season focuses on Emily’s relationship with fame. “It was a central theme of hers, both in her poems and in her life,” says Alena Smith. “She constantly said that she was not looking for fame, but at the same time you have to wonder if when someone talks so much about a subject it is because it actually attracts her.” Anna Baryshnikov, who plays Lavinia Dickinson, agrees: “Maybe the fact that no one knew Emily Dickinson was creating this work and giving her feedback is the reason we have a huge collection of her work today.” Alena concludes:

“The questions are where we are going in our search for connection, what does it mean to be really seen, and what would motivate a writer to work if not advertising.” Those answers were not given to us, so we can only discover them by watching Dickinson.

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