Between 2005 and 2009, Telecinco broadcast several episodes of the Camera Café comic strip daily. In it, the meetings were shown before the coffee machine of the employees of an office, a most varied fauna that caused absurd situations and surreal dialogues. Some of the regular actors in the 530 episodes of this legendary comedy have come together virtually for the confinement on Covid-19 for a video in which they encourage viewers not to skip confinement.

This time, instead of the coffee machine, the meeting place is a video call that begins with Jesús Quesada (played by Arturo Valls) proposing to Julián Palacios (Carlos Chamarro) to go to a bar that secretly opens. The rest of the characters will be parading through the video to explain how they are leading these days confined at home and prevent the escape of their companions. That is the excuse for viewers to meet again with Cañizares (Esperanza Pedreño), Bernardo Marín (César Sarachu), Marimar Montes (Esperanza Elipe), Choches (Juana Cordero), Benito Avendaño (Daniel Albaladejo), Arturo Cañas (Alex O ‘ Dogherty), Frida Lüdendorff (Silvia Wheeler), Mónica Salazar (Carolina Cerezuela) or Victoria de la Vega (Ana Millán).

The cast of Cámera Café was so numerous that the list of actors and characters that go through this two-minute video does not stop there. Marta Belenguer, Mercedes Luzuriaga, Joaquín Reyes, Ana Ruiz, Nacho Rubio and the final appearance of Luis Varela complete a reunion that has spread at full speed on the networks and already has more than a million and a half reproductions after Ana Milan shared it on Twitter and other colleagues have broadcast it on YouTube or Instagram.