Lewis Hamilton aboard his Mercedes-AMG.

Mark Thompson / .

After the murder of George Floyd At the hands of a policeman who strangled him with his knee a few weeks ago, hundreds of athletes have demonstrated against racial violence and police brutality, being Lewis Hamilton one of those who have raised their voices the most.

This Monday, Mercedes-AMG, the team of the Formula 1 of which Hamilton is a member, announced that for the first time in history, their cars will replace their classic silver color with a black design, to promote the fight against racism and discrimination. This was announced by the team on their social networks.

â € œBy 2020, we have chosen to compete with an all-black base as a public promise to enhance the diversity of our team, and a clear statement that we are against racism and all forms of discrimination. The call to “End Racism” will appear in the halo of both cars, and the united F1 initiative #WeRaceAsOne will appear in the mirrors of W11, “the team wrote in a press release.

This weekend, after a three-month hiatus due to the coronavirus, Formula 1 will return to activity with the Austrian Grand Prix.