We are used to the opulence of one of the most prominent couples in the urban genre. Karol G and Anuel AA always show their income through life and luxurious travel with exclusive and VIP amenities.

This model of luxury sports car is valued at 328 thousand euros.

On this occasion the singer of “Ay Dios Mío” decided to pose in one of her fiancé’s toys, a modest car that reaches the sum of 328 thousand euros.

In the snapshot, the singer of the urban genre poses with a sweatshirt and sandals Nike brand evidently from her boyfriend Anuel AA on the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ brand toy, also from her partner.

In the review of the publication, the Colombian singer commented: « … Tell her that if she takes me for a ride, I will put on the mask and we will not get off. »

The photograph already has more than 2 million 200 thousand « Likes » on the account of the Colombian who is already at home and out of danger after presenting Covid-19.