The car, from the “grave” of insects, to its main savior

After a long drive, it is common for our vehicle appears splattered with a lot of insects, especially in windshield and license plate.

What you may not have realized is that the number of “bugs” that appear stamped on our vehicles has decreased in recent years. This is attested by British scientists and it is precisely in the United Kingdom where they have developed an application that will use the car precisely to assess the worrying decline of insects.

A good idea to protect the ecosystem

And we say worrying about the findings of a study carried out in 2019 that analyzed car license plates after long trips in the UK and found a 50 percent decline in insects splattered compared to 2004.

The Buglife charity has now launched the free Bugs Matter app for people to collect valuable data. Users start with clean your license plate before a trip and then the car is tracked by the app to collect location and time data.

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A grid is then placed, which is emailed for printing, and user counts bug spots within squares and enter the total in the application. A photo of the license plate is also uploaded and counting software can be used to verify the total.

«The decline in the abundance of flying insects should worry everyoneBecause these essential creatures are the little things that make the world work, ”explained Andrew Whitehouse of Buglife. “The Bugs Matter app offers everyone the opportunity to participate in essential monitoring that will help us better understand the health of our insect populations, and our environment as a whole.”

Insects are essential to ecosystems On which humanity depends, as they pollinate plants, provide food for other creatures and recycle nature’s waste.

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