The cacheteros of Chiquinquirá Delgado were so short that they almost showed the rear

Chiquinquirá Delgado for a little and shows too much using minimal short.

Photo: Sam Wasson. / Getty Images

The spectacular presenter of Look who is dancing, the Venezuelan Chiquinquirá Delgado, left many with their jaws on the ground by posting a photograph on their account Instagram that ratifies her as one of the most beautiful and sensual women of the Hispanic television. It turns out that the Venezuelan perched on a sofa wearing shorts with pantyhose so small that it almost left outside his ‘tail’, an attribute that has always flattered him.

Seeing the driver of Univision, one might think that she would be around 30 years old, but the truth is that the former Beauty queen is 48, though looking as if the years never passed for her. It is not only her body but the energy she has and the good attitude that make her worthy of all the compliments that were left in the comments section of her account. Instagram.

Just a few weeks ago the rumor had been generated again of a possible separation Chiquinquirá and his partner, the journalist Jorge Ramos, because this would have been a birthday and the driver allegedly “did not congratulate him publicly.” However, the reality is that both have been very restrained and private from the beginning when it comes to showing off their romantic relationship. Few are the expressions of affection that they have made in public and surely this is one of the reasons why the couple is one of the most solid in the industry of the Hispanic entertainment.