Plans to restart the Bundesliga include, in addition to the presence of the players on the field and the substitutes as well as the referees and the coaching staff, a maximum of 300 people in each stadium, according to a document to which the magazine “Der Spiegel” has had access.


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The document, also prepared by a commission chaired by the head of the medical department of the German Football Federation (DFB) Tim Meyer, contains binding hygiene rules, estimates of the tests that will be necessary and proposes permanent supervision.

The proposal must be presented this Thursday to a virtual assembly of the German Football League (DFL) in which representatives of the 36 teams from the first and second Bundesliga will participate.

The Bundesliga prepares the return to normality | .

This week there have been, on the part of some politicians, positive signs for a possible resumption of the German season and the probable date is considered to be May 9.

Currently the teams train but in a small format, in small groups and respecting rules of distance between the players.

The commission also He has proposed a catalog of rules so that teams can resume group training.

The training sessions would always be behind closed doors and before each practice the temperature would be taken for the players, who, in turn, would be exhaustively informed of the symptoms to which they must be vigilant to detect a possible infection.