The Bunbury method of making songs is put under the magnifying glass in a book | Instagram

A new book puts the « under the magnifying glass »Bunbury method« To make songs, the book focuses on the way the Spanish musician writes songs and is so openly inspired by other authors, who are already receiving accusations from plagiarism.

A good part of the lyrics of Enrique Bunbury it is made up of fragments of writers whom he does not quote.

He book aims to demonstrate that practice has been constant throughout race and that is present in all of his songs

Verses taken from poetry books, plays, novels, interviews, « says the editorial.

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It also adds:

The formula, perhaps close to Pop Art, intertextuality and appropriationism, coexists with popularly rooted records such as the proverb, the saying and the phrase « .

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The new work focuses on 37 tracks in which the practice is more striking. This is how he analyzes in a dossier that includes three decades of work, from his faceta in Héroes del Silencio to his last album released: ‘Possible ‘(2020).

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It states that a total of more than half a thousand verses along fourteen discs actually by authors including:

« Gabriel Celaya, Blas de Otero, César Vallejo, Mario Benedetti, Fernando Arrabal, José Gorostiza, Pablo Neruda, Antonio Gamoneda, Pedro Casariego, Fernando Sánchez-Dragó, Nicanor Parra and Felipe Benítez Reyes », among many others, reveals the investigation.

The intention of the publisher is to explain the substance of the discography of the singer and launch a calculation about the limits of creation, Difácil raised, described the Excelsior medium.

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However, after learning this news, the reactions in Internet They soon appeared with some sarcastic comments, and although the singer has not yet spoken about it, his followers came to his defense.

While at the same time, some colleagues of the singer such as @jjdecisneros, writer and friend of the rocker defended his artistic career.

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THE collaborator of today’s artist, (accused of plagiarism), Of Cisneros He is one of the authors of the BUNBURY photo album “En crude y al natural” as well as collaborating together on other projects.